For over two decades I have been working in the safety and working at height game in some form or another. I often work for different companies in different roles. For some I am simply an IRATA L3 supervisor and tasked with making sure a given task gets done safely and properly. For others I might help out with the hands on operational work. In other instances I join in on company and council meetings to make sure everybody knows what our job entails and explain the endless possibilities of rope access work.
To summarize: 

-Plan and execute jobs from start to finish

  • Make risk assessments
  • Job planning
  • Work Method Statement
  • Assemble team
  • Assemble necessary gear
  • Execute task

-Educate people on how to work at height safely:

  • GWO Work at Height training
  • GWO Advanced Rescue Training
  • Basic Work and Rescue at Height Training using different methods
  • Educate (company) rescue teams how to operate and educate independently.
  • Train rope rescue teams
  • IRATA training

-Plan, execute and sometimes perform stunts in theater/tv/movie productions where artists have to fly or fall. Or in some cases, NOT fall

Some of my certifications are:

  • IRATA L3
  • NEN 3140 VOP
  • Confined Space
  • Petzl PPE Inspection Certificate